Robert König, selected talks

TitleDate and VenueSlides/Video
Classification of topologically protected gates for local stabilizer codesQIP Beijing, 01/2013 slides
The quantum entropy-power inequalityPerimeter Institute, 05/2012 slides video
Disorder-assisted error correction in Majorana chainsQIP Montreal, 11/2011 slides
Simplified instantaneous non-local quantum computation with applications to position-based cryptographyDagstuhl, 09/2011 slides
Quantum computation with Turaev-Viro codesQIP Zurich, 12/2010 video
Anyonic entanglement renormalizationPerimeter Institute, 10/2010 slides video
A strong converse for coding with entangled inputsCaltech, 03/2010 slides
Exact entanglement renormalization for string-net modelsQIP Santa Fe, 01/2009 slides
Extractors, quantum adversaries and the bounded storage modelChina Theory Week Beijing, 09/2007 slides
On quantum de Finetti theoremsIQCO Belarus, 05/2006 slides

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